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Drones are transforming construction workflows by enabling teams to efficiently track projects, report site progress, and improve safety for workers around the world. Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in our mission to make the skies accessible for the construction industry as it scales drone operations in 2017 and beyond.

One of the greatest benefits has been the ability to quickly gather, analyze and share aerial data with various teams in the company throughout the course of any given project. From tracking progress, to measuring stockpile volume and calculating distance, drones have vastly improved the day-to-day work on every job site. Commercial drones help keep projects on track and organized from start to finish.

Despite the public’s concerns, many in the construction industry are finding drones and UAVs can play a vital role in their work. Whether they’re used for surveying, to show clients and potential clients an aerial overview of completed projects, to monitor job sites to ensure safe practices or to inspect bridges and other structures, drones have the potential to become as important a tool to the industry as any piece of yellow iron.

Drones Dramatically Reduce Volume Calculation Time


Drone mapping is an efficient way to calculate the volume of stockpiles and pits for agriculture, mining and construction. A ground survey of 19 stockpiles, using two surveyors, would have taken nearly twelve hours to complete. On the other hand, using a drone took four hours. After processing the maps, you can quickly calculate the volume of the stockpiles.

In all these projects, one thing is common, LOTS of legwork, stamina and missed details. Construction projects are complicated, time-consuming & resource-intensive projects.

But, once you are done with the project, they are so worth it, right? So why not get imaginative and employ technology to make this once in a lifetime project (or if you’re a builder/construction engineer – your everyday life) much better?

This is exactly what many have done,and from scouting the site to the finishing touches, drones are absolutely a very big part of the picture.

You already have lots of software employed, are using sophisticated measuring tools, good quality construction materials and so on. Have you ever thought: what if I could get a bird’s eye view to my project, without employing a full blown flying machine, jet pack or a helicopter? It sure would help if you do so.

Or, what if every time there is a problem at the site, you do not have to run there and are able to literally employ eyes and ears on the job site?

You can do all of the above and more with a drone. In fact, most of the advanced construction projects are transformed with drones. It is only a matter of time that drones become mainstream technology for your construction projects.

We can deliver more then just images and videos. We can provide dense cloud, mesh points, textures, tiled models, digital elevation models and orthomosaics all in various file types.

Galloway comparison.jpg

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Precision Drone Technology Disclaimer

While Precision Drone Technology is capable of aerial data collection, visitors should know that we do not interpret survey grade information.  For projects where exact measurements count, you still need to rely on a licensed land surveyor or survey engineer.  Precision Drone Technology can provide data in cooperation with your surveyor, but our data gathering does not replace the need for a licensed land surveyor in any state.  This is not exclusive to our business, all drone data collection services cannot interpret data unless they have a surveyor on staff.  Additionally, we do not overlay property boundaries on home lots (developed or undeveloped) for sale for the same reasons noted above.

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